CES Leadership Highlights

The Center for Effective Schools strives to feature schools across the state using the Effective Schools Framework. This project aims to support the implementation of ESF by showcasing campuses and districts making sustainable progress utilizing the foundation best practices of the Effective Schools Framework.

Freer ISD

Small Town, Big Opportunities! Freer ISD is a rural school district using the Effective Schools Framework to drive progress across the entire district. Guided by the District Coordinator of School Improvement, Dr. Frances Perez, all of the schools in the community are united in the collective goal of giving their students the best opportunities to succeed.

Lubbock ISD

ESF for all! In Lubbock ISD, all school leaders use the Effective Schools Framework to drive progress across the entire district. In this feature, we hear from the Region School Improvement Lead, a District Coordinator of School Improvement, and a Campus Principal about how the Effective Schools Framework drives success for all schools in Lubbock ISD.

Richardson ISD

Mayhem to hope! In Richardson ISD, we visited Carolyn G. Bukhair Elementary to hear how changing the name of a street symbolized improving a school and providing hope to a community.

Somerset ISD

Whatever it takes! The team at Savannah Heights in Somerset ISD based their focused approach to progress on the Effective Schools Framework. Their collective work was centered around instructional planning and valuing their teachers.

Socorro ISD and UTEP

It takes a village! Socorro ISD and the University of Texas at El Paso have partnered to build a system to recruit, induct and support new teachers. This system includes a governance structure that allows all stakeholders to help guide their collective work. Valuing teachers and providing students with the best education are the driving forces of this partnership. 

UTEP Teacher Residency Match Day!

Match Day! The University of Texas at El Paso takes the task of supporting and honoring new teachers to the next level! The UTEP Teacher Residency Match Day event is a celebration that culminates in the pairing of UTEP residency students and local districts.